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2023 - 2024 Photo Gallery


NMSBVI 2023-2024 Events and Student life



  • Old Campus Students on berms
  • NMSBVI Rose Garden Statue
  • Soccer in P.E. class
  • Orientation & Mobility Instructor Ron Later works with students on their white cane technique north of the new Garrett Dormitory
  • A students right hand as she uses a unimanual perkins brailler
  • Accessible Materials Specialist Ingrid Cuatt transcribes braille
  • Education Assistant Julia Sanders encourages Carla Nisino to roll the red ball toward a student
  • A student provides some humor when prepping pork chops as she accidentally uses the pepper pour spout instead of the shaker as Mr. Cooper verifies there is waaaay to much pepper on the meat
  • Technology Instructor Jerri Young walks with ISP Instructor Johnny Martinez as he uses a white cane during blindness awareness training
  • Elementary Instructor Andrea Jewell leads her students as they watch and listen to a video on a screen
  • A student in the Tech Lab with Instructor Jerri Young working on a computer
  • Maintenance Foreman Cody Portillo sits in the Evac Chair as Safety & Security Personnel Randy Puryear demonstrates how to take the chair down the stairs
  • Students arrives to school on the NMSBVI bus and Allison Ward walks in with Driver Brandilynn Reed
  • Food Services Supervisor Cece Hurst visits with Elementary Instructor Andrea Jewell and a student during lunch
  • Science Instructor Jeff Killebrew works with students
  • Preschool students  in their classroom with Instructor Erin Vetters and EA Erika Later
  • Library Assistant Amy Brody gets breakfast goodies prior to the all staff meeting at beginning of school year
  • ISP3 class in the Music classroom
  • Preschool students  in PE class
  • Staff Blindness Awareness Training in the LLAB training room.
  • Students work on their school work at their desks in the Life Skills classroom
  • ECP Albuquerque backyard garden area with playground in distance facing east
  • Albuquerque staff members with students at the ECP playgrounds.