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Week 24

Teen Reader

True Grit

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Charles Portis

Charles Portis

About the Author

Charles Portis (1933-2020)

Charles Portis was born in El Dorado, Arkansas in 1922.  Portis enlisted in the Army during the Korean War, attaining the rank of sergeant.  Following his discharge in 1955 he enrolled as a student at the University of Arkansas, and began writing for the student newspaper, graduating with a journalism degree in 1958.  Portis worked as a reporter eventually writing five novels, two of which were made into films. True Grit was adapted to film twice and remains his most popular novel.  Charles Portis died of Alzheimer’s disease at age 86 in 2020.

True Grit (1968)

True Grit is a western adventure about a girl’s quest to avenge the murder of her father with the help of an aging lawman she hires to help her.  True Grit is considered by many critics to be one of the great American novels.

Questions for True Grit

Why do you think the author frames this story from Mattie’s perspective?  What does it add to the story?  What do we miss by perceiving the story this way?

How do the characters grow and evolve during the story?

In what ways do the characters fall into the stereotypical western Good Guys and Bad Guys in this story?

What are Mattie, Rooster, and LeBoeuf’s main flaws? What are their strengths?

Do the character get what they want in the end?  Do you think the story had a believable ending?

Teacher’s Guide for True Grit


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