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Week 27

Teen Reader

The Black Stallion

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The Black Stallion Audio

Walter Farley

About the Author

Walter Farley (1915-1989)

Walter Farley was an American author best know for his Black Stallion series of books.  Farley’s uncle was a professional horse trainer who taught Farley a great deal about his methods. Farley began writing The Black Stallion while he was still in high school and published it before attaining his bachelor’s degree from Columbia University.  It was a wild success, with Farley receiving bags of fan mail from delighted children.  His writing career was delayed when he spent five years in the army during World War II.  After the war he returned to writing about the Black Stallion, creating twenty novels in the series.  Farley and his wife Rosemary raised their four children on a farm in Pennsylvania where they always kept horses.  Farley was one of the most successful children’s authors of his time and his Black Stallion books are still in print and selling well.

The Black Stallion (1941)

The Black Stallion is the story of how a boy tames beautiful wild stallion when they are marooned together on a deserted island.  It is a coming-of-age story about friendship and overcoming obstacles to win the race of life.

Questions for The Black Stallion

Alex hears the story of Alexander and Bucephalus on the ship.  How does this foreshadow the events to come?

In what ways does Alex learn to survive?  How does he help the stallion?  How does the stallion help him?

What obstacles did Alex have to overcome on the island?  What obstacles did he have to overcome once he was back home?

In what ways does his experiences on the island and taming the stallion change Alex?

What do Alex and the stallion do for Henry?  How do they change his life?

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